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            Welcome to a new and promising school year!  We are blessed to have the opportunity to work with the 4th Grade families.  To insure your child’s success, it is important that we work together in a home and school partnership.  We would like to notify you of a few important items that will require your participation throughout the school year.

General Policies and Procedures
1.      Please refer to the school handbook for questions on grading, behavior, uniforms, school policies, etc.

2.      Students are expected to have a book to read with them every day in class.

3.      MASS- 4th graders go to Mass on Tuesdays at 8:30 a.m., as well as other school Masses (usually announced in the Family Envelope or on the school calendar). Family Mass is the last Tuesday of each month. We would love to have you join us and sit with your child while we receive Christ. Please note we will not be at Tuesday Mass when there is a student body Mass scheduled that week. Students must be in Mass uniform dress on Mass days.

4.      SCHOLASTIC BOOKS- Children may (but don’t have to) order from the book club each month.  Send the order in an envelope with a check made out to Scholastic Books or order online! 

5.      NOTES OR MONEY SENT TO SCHOOL- Any notes or money sent in by the parent should be in an envelope, clearly marked what it is—and—who it is for.

6.      **ITEMS BROUGHT TO SCHOOL**- Should be marked with a permanent marker with the child’s first name, last name, and number.  This includes clothing, pencils, supplies, and anything else they bring!

7.      LUNCHES- In the past, we have had a problem with leaky lunches. Please line paper sacks with plastic bags, if drinks are included, or put the drinks in baggies. This is preferable, even in lunch boxes, as they leak too. (No sodas, please.) When spoons are required, please include plastic. The child’s full name should be on their lunch each day. If your child makes his/her own lunch, supervision is suggested. There is a lot of wasted food thrown away. Forgotten lunches may not be dropped off for students. If a lunch is forgotten, our lunch program will provide a lunch (which will later be billed to you). Please remember our school is peanut free.

8.      CONFERENCES- We are usually available after school, if you have a short question.  If you need a longer discussion, it would be best to schedule a conference.  Please send a note, e-mail, or leave a phone message with your child’s teacher to set up a time to meet.  If you can’t come in to the school, write a note giving a number where you can be reached after school or in the evening, and we will try to call as soon as possible.

9.      FIELD TRIPS- We will ask for fathers and/or mothers to volunteer as a chaperone for these trips. Fingerprinting and SET is required of all parent chaperones. Mark your calendars for these dates:
Sacred Heart Retreat- Tuesday, November 5, 2013
California Time Capsule/Mission San Juan Capistrano- Thursday, January 9, 2014 **We will arrive back to school after school hours on this day**
Dominguez Rancho Adobe Museum- TBA Spring 2014

10.  STUDENT CORRECTED WORK- All student corrected work will be done in Green pen.

11.  WEDNESDAY FOLDERS- This folder will be sent home on Wednesday and needs to be signed and returned (with FSR tests inside) no later than Friday of the same week.  They will contain classwork, other important papers from the past week, and FSR (Fix, Sign, Return) tests.

12.  TECHNOLOGY- We will be using many forms of technology both in and out of the classroom. We expect students will follow the Diocesan Acceptable Use Policy. If your child is unable to complete an assignment due to technological problems, please contact us right away. 

13. REMIND101- I will be using Remind101 to text important updates and messages throughout the year. You can easily subscribe to this service by texting @dead5 to (747) 233-0454.

Behavior Policy

Your child’s success is very important.  To create and maintain a positive learning environment for all students, the behavior policies listed below will be in effect every day.  Please read the policies and discuss them with your child.


1.    Follow Directions
2.    Listen to Learn
3.    Practice Self-Discipline
4.    Respect the Rights of Others
5.    Stay on Task
6.    Work Cooperatively

Students will be recognized for their positive choices throughout each day by receiving Class Dojo points. Students are expected to earn at least 4 Dojo points each day. This will go into their weekly Responsible Behavior grade.

At Home Practice
Information and Policies

We believe Practice is important because it prepares students for upcoming lessons, teaches responsibility, accountability and independence, and helps students develop positive study habits.

Practice Policies
·         Students are expected to read 30 minutes each night.
·         Occasionally additional assignments may be given, for instance, watching a short video, finishing a worksheet from that day, or preparing for an in-class project the following day.
· will be assigned each week, due Friday, though there will often be more than enough time to complete this in class.
·         LATE WORK:  If there is a legitimate reason why a student is unable to finish a Practice assignment, the parent must send a note to the teacher on the day the Practice is due stating the reason it was not completed. The note must be signed and dated by the parent.
·         In some instances, unfinished classwork will need to be completed at home.
·         ABSENCES: If a student is absent, their work will be available for them at the end of the day.  In the event a student is absent for multiple days in a row, please speak with the teacher directly to set up a make-up work schedule.

Tests and Projects
·         Tests for Religion and Spelling are administered on Fridays (If there is a short week, we will advise students as to the day of the test)
·         Tests for Reading, Science, Social Studies, Math, and Language will occur at the end of those chapters/units
·         Short “pop quizzes” are sometimes given, without notice, and obviously do not count as much as a major exam.
·         All tests and quizzes will be sent home in the Wednesday Folder and, regardless of grade, will need to be Fixed, Signed, and Returned (FSRed) by Friday of the same week.
·         ABSENCES: If a student is absent on a test day, they are expected to be ready to test the day they return to school.

Work Expectations
·         Students should always do their best job on ALL assignments.
·         Work should be neat, not sloppy.
·         We encourage all of our students to do their assignments on their own as much as possible.  (Naturally, we would expect you to help them when needed.)

How Parents Can Help

1.      Good handwriting, neatness, and organization are stressed. Please check over your child’s work to remind him/her of these things.

2.      Remind your child to bring his/her library books back for Library Day (Friday).

3.      Check to see that books are always covered. Please don’t use sticky covers, but JUMBO sized fabric covers on hardback books are permitted. Covering paperback books is not required, however, the spine should be reinforced with tape. Covers frequently come off, so please replace them as necessary.

4.      Help your child with spelling words, multiplication and division facts, etc. You can drill on these at home or in the car, or play card and dice games; just a few minutes each day. It does wonders!

5.      Ask your child to show you his/her work. Not all work goes home each day.  Show an interest in what they are studying. Display their papers at home, and praise their improvement, not just an “A” paper!

6.      Don’t make unreasonable demands about grades. Be realistic about your child’s abilities and consider possible problems.  Please don’t make unreasonable punishment for poor work or grades.  Self-image, pride, and feelings of worth are so very important!!

7.      See that your child attends Mass and Reconciliation regularly. Don’t just send them, go with them!

8.      Please help our Room Moms with parties, bake sale items, field trips, etc. We need you!!

9.      It is so important not to criticize the teacher or the school to your child or in front of your child. If there is a problem, come to the teacher.

10.  Remember that your 4th grader is still a child and needs reminding (don't we all?) every morning to bring his/her lunch and/or supplies. It may help to put as much as possible by the front door at night, or a note by the door saying, “Remember your lunch!”

Teacher Contact Information

We have an open door policy and are interested in speaking with you.

Please use the contact information below to reach us. 
We will do our best to respond within 24 hours. 

*** We might not check our phone messages unitl the end of the day.  If there is a pick-up problem or such, please contact the School Office or the Health Room.***

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